◈ Fun Casino Hire Charity Event ◈

Having a fun casino charity event always attracts huge donations. What better way to raise money for your chosen charity, then a night of thrills and spills on our luxury casino tables. It combines an evening of great fun and entertainment, with the upshot of raising funds for a worthy cause. Our past experience of charity events means organising one with Mercia Casino Hire couldn’t be any easier.

Each of our fun packed packages comes with three hours of casino playing time. You’ll get to choose from our popular range of real casino games. These will be delivered, set–up, broke-down and collected by our team, at a time that suits you. Whilst all our games are very simple to learn, our experienced Croupiers will give all beginners a comprehensive run down of the rules. They are all exciting, visually enticing games, meaning they’re a great way of generating fast donations.

You can hold a charity fun casino event anywhere. There is no need for a gaming or gambling license, if all the money taken is awarded to charity. Whether your venue is a pub, hotel, social club, village hall or community centre, we’ll bring a bit of Las Vegas glamour to you night without any extra hassle.

We will provide you and your guests with fun money notes for the evening, which will be issued as currency. They can be customized or personalised to encorporate an image or logo of your choice and guests can use these to exchange for gaming chips at the casino tables. The best format for a charity casino night is to have a temporary ‘cash desk’. Here a representative from the charity will have a stall to sell the fun money to guests. Guests simply hand over a set amount per fun money note and then take their fun money notes to the casino tables, if they wish to play. No money is exchanged at the casino tables. This way only the charity handles the cash on the night. If guests lose their money they can return to the cash desk to buy more fun money.

Once guests part with their money it is in the hands of the charity and stays there. To provide an incentive for guests it’s good to offer prizes for the winners on the night. The guests with highest amount of chips can be awarded any prize of your choice. This can be anything from a bottle of champagne, a Playstation or even a trip to Las Vegas itself!

Many charity night organisers contact local businesses before the event, to see if they’d be willing to donate a winning prize. In return for their generosity they can be offered sponsorship of our authentic casino tables for the night. This can be done by placing a sign with their company name and logo on the table. Distribution of their company brochures at the event can also be offered. We’re also able to personalise the fun money notes and entry tickets, by printing their company name and logo onto them.

The ideas are endless! So take a look at our packages page, where you’ll be pleasantly surprised by or competitive packages, tailored to suit to suit all budgets.