◈ Fun Casino Hire Christmas Party ◈

Organising a Christmas party can be a drag, but relax help is at hand! Let Mercia Casino Hire bring some extra glamour to this year’s party with a fun casino! It can be challenging to bring a fresh feel to your annual December festivities. Some events can become as predictable as the jokes inside the Christmas crackers. That’s why our annual clients choose our innovative fun casino experience to give their staff a real festive flutter!

Our vast array of authentic casino games always produce a unique spectacle that's tailored to suit every environment. If you’re someone who’s not always the first one up on the dance floor, we bring the perfect party solution. It’s a great way to unite guests of all ages, giving them a chance to break the ice and bond with people they wouldn’t ordinarily socialize with. Once the first person steps up to our deluxe Roulette, Blackjack or Poker tables, everyone else will follow!

Our immaculately dressed Croupiers are vastly experienced at explaining the game rules to absolute beginners. So don’t worry, if you haven’t played before. Their open and courteous approach will ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the thrill of a casino experience. Your guests will be distributed fun money notes at the start of the evening, meaning nobody has to break the bank. However a prize is awarded to the winner, at the end of the three hours of playing time. This keeps the evening fun and interesting for everyone.

Whether you’re planning a cosy and intimate gathering or a bold and brash bash, we can provide the desired “Wow Factor” that your Christmas Party deserves. Our popular Las Vegas and James Bond themed packages can be utilized to totally transform your venue. Casinos and Bond go together like champagne and caviar and our 007 nights produce a real sense of occasion, ensuring that everyone comes dressed to impress. Or maybe you’d like us to transport the atmosphere and spirit of the famous Vegas strip, straight to your special event. Either way our specifically styled giant backdrops, life sized silhouettes and much more will create a wonderfully themed ambience.

Our competitive price packages are designed accommodate all types of budgets, even the tightest of ones. If you have already booked a venue or want us to bring some Las Vegas sparkle right into your office, give us a call today and allow us to illuminate your event!