◈ Fun Casino Hire School & University Prom ◈

There’s some milestone’s in our lives, which are only ever likely to come around once. A school or university prom is one of these occasions. You should join the ever-growing list that has chosen Mercia Casino Hire to make sure that this is one celebration that lingers long in the memory.

Our fun casino proms create a unique and entertaining environment, for teachers and pupils alike. They’ll unite all ages, giving guests the chance to interact and socialise. With boys in their tuxedos and girls in their dresses, we give them perfect excuse to get all dressed up. Our popular Las Vegas and James Bond themed packages always prove a winner, with specifically styled giant backdrops, life sized silhouettes and a VIP Red Carpet. They’re sure to transform the look and feel of your venue, by creating a glamorously themed spectacle.

We use fake fun money at all of our events, as real money isn’t allowed. You’ll be able to enjoy the camaraderie, as you pit your wits against each other on our luxury casino tables. Our games are very good for basic Maths skills as the Blackjack cards are added up and winnings calculated and Roulette odds worked out. Our helpful and informative Croupiers are experts at explaining game rules to absolute beginners. So there’s no need to worry if haven’t played before, as they’ll assist everyone. Our Croupiers will also give betting tips, advice and add their humour and personality to create an all round fun night!

Gaming time lasts for three hours. At the end of this we’ll announce the last 3 spins of the Roulette Wheel or hands of Blackjack or poker. This always creates a real excitement as players can go ‘All In’, to try and hit the jackpot. After this is completed our experienced Croupiers will total each player’s chips, to determine the winner between all tables. We’ll then announce the “Prom King and Queen of Casino”. We already provide a prize and certificate for the winning boy and girl, but many proms choose to add a few of their own. Another option is a play off, which can be prearranged. The top 3 or 5 players over can play off against each other at Blackjack or Roulette for a really exciting finale. The ideas are endless!

At Mercia Casino Hire first class entertainment does NOT come with a first class price tag, so have a look at our competitive prices and get in touch today!