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Our purposely designed packages can be utilized to completely transform the atmosphere of your event. These extra touches will create an unforgettable ambience in your chosen venue, ensuring come the end of the night everyone will be making a toast to the host! Take a look below to find out more information on the props and additional services that we offer:

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Personalised Fun Money Notes


You’ll get to choose exactly what you’d like to incorporate onto the fun money notes. Like most other companies we offer personalized and standardized fun money notes. However we don’t charge you additional printing costs to create them.

Our standardized fun money notes feature a paper replica of a $100 Dollar bill. Additionally you could add an exclusive touch to the evening by creating your own personalized fun money.

You’ll be able to incorporate a high quality image of the happy couple or an old school photo to embarrass the birthday boy or girl onto the currency.

Alternatively with our personalized option you can replicate a business or charity logo onto the notes, complete with a slick or amusing slogan or message of your choice.

9 Foot High Replica Las Vegas Sign


Standing tall at a whopping 9 Foot is our brand new, replica “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. Just like the real version that illuminates that famous Sin City strip, it’s big, brash and sure to bring a bit of Las Vegas panache to your casino evening!

With its sparkling, multi – coloured LED lights it’s often chosen to greet guests as they enter the party venue. However as long as there is a power supply nearby, where it’s located is entirely up to you.

Our iconic sign is guaranteed to impress all your guests and is an added extra that steels the show every time!

Giant James Bond / Las Vegas Backdrops


Our specifically themed backdrops will create an immediate impression as guests enter the event. They’re twice as big as most common backdrops used, meaning their sheer size will make them impossible to avoid.

They’ll contribute a bona fide ambience; adding to the look and feel of your chosen theme and transforming the environment around you.

All of our backdrops are 2m in Height x 1.5m in Width.

Life Sized James Bond / Las Vegas Silhouettes


We have a wide range of the most popular James Bond & Las Vegas themed silhouettes. These life sized cut outs will add to the authenticity of night and amuse guests as they pose to have their picture taken next to them.

If you want to transport the famous Vegas strip sign to your occasion or have your famous Bond actor make a special appearance, we can make it happen for you.

All of our silhouettes are fully life-sized.

3 Metre VIP Red Carpet and Golden Stanchions


What better way to bring a bit of novelty factor to your unique evening than the celebrated red carpet?

It’s been walked by so many famous faces in the past and is a great way to strike an opening impression as guests enter the venue.

Self Deal Texas Hold ‘em Table


Whilst the majority of your guests will be eager to step up onto our luxury casino tables, some may prefer to have a private game amongst friends. We’ll provide a sit down, self deal poker table, where guests will be able use their fun money notes to convert into chips to play with.

This addition means guests who are already familiar with poker rules can have a quiet game amongst themselves, away from the hustle and bustle of the stand up tables.

The good news for them is that their chips will still be valid come the end of play, meaning they’ll still be in with a shout of the winning prize!

Casino Host


The Casino Host’s job is to oversee all the tables. To add to his importance, he’s dressed differently to the croupier’s wearing a blazer as opposed to a waist coat. He’ll be there at the entrance to meet and greet guests as they arrive, issuing fun money notes to each individual.

Once gaming’s underway, he’ll ensure the night runs smoothly by watching over the tables. It’s a great personable touch to add, he’ll engage and interact with guests, whilst being there to clarify game rules for anyone’s who a little bit unsure. At the end of the evening, he’ll arrange a count up and announce the winner, presenting the prize and posing for a photo with the lucky guest.